Tuesday, 27 January 2009

Pericles model box update..

Today I have added a wooden floor, reduced the back of the raised platform, developed the swag shape of the suspended fabric towards the back, added curtain tracks with draped muslin underneath the platform and experimented with different wood for the decking.

Pericles model box developments..

Model box developments positioned over ground plan

Sunday, 25 January 2009

The Heights model box and decoupage Masks..

Possible mask finishes forcharacters fat Matt and Pat

Pericles model box development..

Quick sketch of the set, and model box progress...

Wednesday, 21 January 2009

The Heights model continued..

Model box continued, the set contains a bed, which characters can appear from within, a window frame that is on wheels enabling it to be moved around the stage. The frame also becomes a t.v screen and helps to create the landscape for other scenes.

Suspended from the ceiling are a flock of origami birds, that Lillie (the main character) has folded from her discarded pages of writing. Downstage hangs a washing line with pages of her stories pegged to it.

The Heights first stage of model box and research...

Above is some initial research images and response to the script

This is the model box for "The Heights" at Stoney street studio theatre and touring to Scarborough Mc Carthy Theatre

First two days of model making for Pericles...

Click to enlarge
Here are the first two days of model making initial ideas for Pericles, at the York Theatre Royal.

Home decoration..

Above shows two desk drawers that i found and turned into a shelf unit for the living room.

Finished kitchen shelves, put up with the help of a very handy man..

These shelves i created by decoupaging a range of wallpaper, sheet music, signed playing cards and promotional theatre posters.

This is an old desk chair that I've covered with sheet music and old family photographs, then wrapped the frame with vintage fabric and wool.