Wednesday, 17 December 2014

The Boy Who Cried Wolf opens at the Lawrence Batley

The Boy Who Cried Wolf opens at the Lawrence Batley in Huddersfield, adapted for a larger thrust stage, with a new cast.

Puss in Boots - model box and show

Below shows the model box and the finished design.

Puss in Boots - show photos

Here are photos from each scene.

Walkdown props

I designed a sign for 'Whiskers' Milk Bar', using a mixture of hand drawn images and photoshop. 
Once the sign was painted lights were installed.
I made matching menus that sit on the tables in the walkdown scene.

The Windmill

There is a lot of dressing inside Ada's windmill, including shelving and cake wallpaper. 
The bottom left picture is of the scale model.

Roseville costume fitting

Costume fitting with Gwenny - it fits!

Design for Mon Santo's flour and corn sacks

I created the logo for the flour and corn sacks found in the Windmill, these were laser cut into stencils and sprayed onto the sacks.

Roseville dress finished

Finally finished the carpet wedding dress for 'Roseville'.

I have used old wedding photos for detail with fringing and lights on both the dress and the tiara veil.

Panto rockets

For Puss in Boots I designed a rocket built from old windmill sails and baking trays from the Windmill. This is built on stage to their version of 'Greased Lightning'. We replicated this in a smaller scale as well, which is seen during the UV ballet scene showing their journey through space. 
Both had red flashing lights installed.

Small rocket made by Victoria Wells

Giant space squid puppet

This is the giant space squid puppet made for Puss in Boots at the Georgian Theatre Royal.

It had to pack down as flat as possible and rise up from the pit to its full size.
There were also two roach poles that extended out attached to two 5m long tentacles that could reach out into the boxes.

This is the original design sketch for the puppet, I changed it a little due to the materials used to make it, so it had more of a space robot look to it.

Roseville dress construction progress

Stages of construction:

 The actress is exactly the same measurements as me, which was great for trying it on and checking movement and shape.