Thursday, 15 January 2015

NYE Tobacco Factory Speakeasy

Working with the Food and Theatre company I recently designed and made the decor for the Tobacco factory's NYE Speakeasy bar. 
It was based around the concept of 'Frank's' bar, with brewed Frank's corn whiskey. Fran was the original architect for the Tobacco factory, and was part of the Wills family who owned it. The Frank's tobacco logo that I used was based on the original trade mark that W.D & H.O Wills used on their Tobacco products.

Granny chicken costumes

Granny chickens!

I've just finished making three granny chickens for a walkabout show.

The chicken costumes are made with three layers of fabric, a lining, wadding and fur.

Costumes were made for Jagprops, I was assisted by Victoria Wells and Jane Alison Price.

Chicken heads were made in advance by Lizzie Watts

SBTD exhibition - Make/Believe Nottingham

 My display at the SBTD exhibition in Nottingham, on until the 31st January.

More info here:
Link to SBTD website

I am exhibiting:
The Boy Who Cried Wolf - Tutti Frutti
The Raree Man Peepshow - Prom Prom Productions
Cinderella - Georgian Theatre Royal

Catalogue page:

The Boy Who Cried Wolf modelbox

I made the scale figures using a wire armature, Supersculpy for the figure, Das for the clothes and paint to finish.