Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Potted Pirates Golden Snitch costume

I designed and made the Golden Snitch costume for the o=international tour of 'Potted Potter'. Part of the brief was that it had to break down to fit into a suitcase for touring.

'The Hotel' at Shambala

Some pics from the set up of 'The hotel' at Shambala, I led the install of the decor and dressing for the venue.

 The atmosphere during the shows!

Pleasance Edinburgh Painting

I worked as a painter for the fit up of Pleasance Edinburgh at the end of July. I worked with Paul Garner to realise his designs, collaborate on new ones and re worked/ touched up old signs. 
I had the assistance of some lovely people: Hazel Morris, Sam Smith, Cleo McCann and Cara Dowling.

Better pics to follow!

Ludus City Walk - July 2012

'The City Walk' figures

Magnifying glasses were handed out for the audience to look closely and view the tiny figures.

Above: Show Frances and Gideon having a lovely time during the show!

Mansfield 'Not Much Matches Mansfield' July 2012

For this project I designed and made set, costume and props. With help from my two glamorous assistants Michelle and Crystal.

'Widow Frost'

'The Shaman'

'Dj Arthur'

Main stage market set