Thursday, 26 June 2014

Production photos from The World Cup Final 1966

Here's a few production shots of the floor fro The World Cup Final 1966 at 
The Bristol Old Vic.

Saturday, 21 June 2014

Chicken costume prototype

I'm currently woking with Jagprops on two chicken costumes for a project called '39 Days of Rosa'

The brief is to create two costumes that will pack down easily for travelling through 21 countries, they also need to be light weight and as cool as possible in hot weather.

Monday, 16 June 2014

'The Raree Man' Peepshow props

I'm currently working my way through the vast list of props for the Peepshow. 
I adapted a new foot pump with some laser cut wood, varnish, paint and spraying.
The bell is also adapted form a recent antiques fair find.

Beetlegeuse signage and decor

 I've recently been working with the 'Food and Theatre Company' on a 'Beetlegeuse' themed event. 
I designed and made the decor for the main hall, and made a few other bits and pieces for the show.

The 'Raree man' Puppets

I am making two marionettes for a puppet scene in the 'Raree man' peepshow.

I had an existing head that I thought would be great for the puppets so used that to create a mould for two new heads.
Tony Lidington, plays both the devil and the Raree man, as well as all the other characters in the show. The puppets also reflect this, by being the same puppet but dressed differently as the two characters. 

I cast the original head using silicone rubber, then made a plaster outer to hold the mould securely. I cast the heads in fast cast, and painted with a range of materials, including a crackle finish to age them.

Next I will tackle the bodies, which will be a lot less work!

Tony happens to look very similar to the original Pelham puppet!

Friday, 13 June 2014

Fat suit for 'Fat Man'

I'm currently working with Jagprops on a fat suit for the show "Fat Man'.

About the show:
Orpheus is doing stand up for the gods. A sharp new take on a classic Greek myth, this is a bitterly funny story of love, loss and eating your way out of grief. As the audience are transformed into the gods of legend, will Orpheus ever escape his past?

Here is a link to the Fat Man website:

Another 100 profiteroles!

Another 100 profiteroles for a children's t.v program.

The Bristol Old Vic 'World Cup Final 1966'

Scenic floor cloth for the Bristol Old Vic World Cup Final 1966. 
I took this job on after it had already been started, the base coat and square pattern had already been painted.

TheTiger and the Moustache production shot