Thursday, 7 August 2014


This week I am finishing off the props for the peepshow, including painting the barrel organ and making the costumes for the puppets.

The Great Fete

I am currently working on the design for an Event in Exeter in August called:

'The Great Fete'

Which is based around a world war one recruitment fair.

Here is the first visual graphics for signage, posters and an identity card.

Pleasance Edinburgh

I've just got back from a week in Edinburgh working with Paul Garner, painting some of his lovely illustrations for the Pleasance.

Here is a link to Pauls website:

Peepshow cart is nearly finished!

The Raree Man Peepshow cart is almost finished, I've painted all the text on the cart and finished all the signage, even the Royal peep is ready!

It's now in Dawlish ready for the rehearsals.

39 Days for Rosa costumes are finished and making their way around Europe!

Here are some pics of the finished chicken costumes for '39 Days for Rosa'

Made for Jag props by me and Jill, with help from Debbie, Emma and Maddy.

Here is a few videos of Rosa in action: