Thursday, 1 August 2013

Take Cover! By Gin & Swing

 Gin & Swing

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For a long time now Dean and I have wanted to create our own work. Over the years we've had many ideas but not had the chance to develop them into a performance. We have recently created 'Take Cover!' A walkabout theatre experience, creating intimate moments with people from within a festival environment. 
Take Cover is a devised piece consisting of six performers, all very different people with different backgrounds that have somehow ended up together due to a series of events in the West end of London during the blitz.

We are travelling across the country with our most personal, sentimental and unusual possessions, all piled up on a rickety cart. This visual feast of trunks, suitcases, lights and objects including a real fox and gramophone horn all tell the story of our past..if you are lucky enough to seek it out.

This is Rupert, a very important little part of the show!

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‘Take Cover!’ by Gin & Swing
Britain is at war, the Cafe de Paris has been demolished by the Luftwaffe & we have fled the blitz-stricken west-end of London, feeling no less than squiffy, to the safety of the countryside. What better way to pass the time & keep spirits up than doing the popular dance of the day, the Charleston. 

Some snippets of the set in rehearsal

The Boy Who Cried Wolf costume drawings

The Boy Who Cried Wolf for Tutti Frutti

The Boy Who Cried Wolf

More info about the show here:

Initial work from the R and D and some first model ideas.
R and D responses

R and D sculptural fabric responses 

 Initial model ideas

Some research images

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Cinderella for The Georgian Theatre Royal


More info about the show here:

Here are some initial sketches for the Panto style/design for Cinderella. I am really interested in working with the beautiful shapes and designs from original theatre and Harlequinade. Using the traditional colour palette throughout the set.

Some research inamges

Title cloth

Front cloth with projection screen hidden behind title cloth.

Carriage idea
The carriage will be made up of lace and copper coloured detail, in a traditional circular/pumpkin design. We have two real shetland ponies that will pull the cart onstage.

Cloth development

Thursday, 4 April 2013

Cow heads for Irish Butter Advert!

I recently made four cow heads for an Irish butter advert. Old cow, Keen cow, Lady cow and New cow. They are made from plastizote, foam, latex and fur.
The cow costumes were made by Pearl Legay-Clarke. 

Some pictures from the shoot.

 Female Cow, New Cow, Old Cow and Keen Cow.

Working for Jagprops.

Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Book of Mormon costumes

Working for Jagprops I made this Monster (I've named her Sheila)

Stages of construction

God Cloak


Original costume designs by Ann Roth

Heidi at The Theatre Royal Bath

Working for Jagprops for Heidi at the Theatre Royal in Bath I adapted four pairs of tap shoes into hooves for the goat costumes, Designed by Hayley Grindle.

Arabian Nights By Dominic Cooke

Arabian Knights By Dominic Cooke
Working for Jagprops.

For this horse I was given a few reference images of medieval horses with metal armour. Working from the images I developed this design. The armour is all made out of plastizote, coated with idendon and painted.
Designed by Hayley Grindle.

I carved the bird puppets feet out of plastizote and then used Varaform on top in two halves to cerate the shape. I then joined the Varaform feet and covered them with fabric, latex and paint.