Thursday, 1 August 2013

Take Cover! By Gin & Swing

 Gin & Swing

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For a long time now Dean and I have wanted to create our own work. Over the years we've had many ideas but not had the chance to develop them into a performance. We have recently created 'Take Cover!' A walkabout theatre experience, creating intimate moments with people from within a festival environment. 
Take Cover is a devised piece consisting of six performers, all very different people with different backgrounds that have somehow ended up together due to a series of events in the West end of London during the blitz.

We are travelling across the country with our most personal, sentimental and unusual possessions, all piled up on a rickety cart. This visual feast of trunks, suitcases, lights and objects including a real fox and gramophone horn all tell the story of our past..if you are lucky enough to seek it out.

This is Rupert, a very important little part of the show!

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‘Take Cover!’ by Gin & Swing
Britain is at war, the Cafe de Paris has been demolished by the Luftwaffe & we have fled the blitz-stricken west-end of London, feeling no less than squiffy, to the safety of the countryside. What better way to pass the time & keep spirits up than doing the popular dance of the day, the Charleston. 

Some snippets of the set in rehearsal

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