Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Bristol Blues Exchange graphic design

Poster, flyer, website banner and t-shirt design for the first Bristol Blues Exchange in July.

Sunday, 13 April 2014

Finished design for 365 Leeds Stories

Between Autumn 2013 and Summer 2014, Alison Andrews and Matthew Bellwood will be working with people from all over Leeds to create a series of maps of the city. These will be produced in collaboration with a range of other artists. Maps will be sung, embroidered, floated down rivers, fixed on to buses and rendered as shadows. Each map will show the city from a different perspective.
In May 2014, the maps and the stories they tell will be presented in Leeds Central Library where they will take the form of a labyrinth, an interactive maze of maps through which new routes and journeys may be imagined.

 Finished design for the Labyrinth, for 365 Leeds Stories. 

This is the centre of the Labyrinth, with a well in the centre. People who travel through the labyrinth have the chance to leave a story in the well.

Golden Snitch costume - Mark 3

Finished Golden Snitch costume for Potted Potter.  This is the third version of this costume that I've made,  as they have had new actors and taken the show over to America for Broadway.

The Tinderbox finished floor

Designed by Rosanna Vize

The Tinderbox floor

Finished painted floor for 'The Tinderbox' at the Old Vic.
The design is a tiled floor, very decayed with dirt and burnt. I laser cut a stencil to create the pattern on the tiles.

Scenic painting assistant: Zoe Brennan
Set design by Rosanna Vize

Tuesday, 8 April 2014

Profiterole samples

Over the weekend I worked on some samples of prop profiteroles for a children's puppetry T.V show.

 I adapted the foam gun with a piping nozzle.
I've used expanding foam, paint and latex.

I think this method could work really well for all confectionary and cakes.