Wednesday, 17 December 2014

The Boy Who Cried Wolf opens at the Lawrence Batley

The Boy Who Cried Wolf opens at the Lawrence Batley in Huddersfield, adapted for a larger thrust stage, with a new cast.

Puss in Boots - model box and show

Below shows the model box and the finished design.

Puss in Boots - show photos

Here are photos from each scene.

Walkdown props

I designed a sign for 'Whiskers' Milk Bar', using a mixture of hand drawn images and photoshop. 
Once the sign was painted lights were installed.
I made matching menus that sit on the tables in the walkdown scene.

The Windmill

There is a lot of dressing inside Ada's windmill, including shelving and cake wallpaper. 
The bottom left picture is of the scale model.

Roseville costume fitting

Costume fitting with Gwenny - it fits!

Design for Mon Santo's flour and corn sacks

I created the logo for the flour and corn sacks found in the Windmill, these were laser cut into stencils and sprayed onto the sacks.

Roseville dress finished

Finally finished the carpet wedding dress for 'Roseville'.

I have used old wedding photos for detail with fringing and lights on both the dress and the tiara veil.

Panto rockets

For Puss in Boots I designed a rocket built from old windmill sails and baking trays from the Windmill. This is built on stage to their version of 'Greased Lightning'. We replicated this in a smaller scale as well, which is seen during the UV ballet scene showing their journey through space. 
Both had red flashing lights installed.

Small rocket made by Victoria Wells

Giant space squid puppet

This is the giant space squid puppet made for Puss in Boots at the Georgian Theatre Royal.

It had to pack down as flat as possible and rise up from the pit to its full size.
There were also two roach poles that extended out attached to two 5m long tentacles that could reach out into the boxes.

This is the original design sketch for the puppet, I changed it a little due to the materials used to make it, so it had more of a space robot look to it.

Roseville dress construction progress

Stages of construction:

 The actress is exactly the same measurements as me, which was great for trying it on and checking movement and shape.

Sunday, 2 November 2014

Front cloth and legs progress

Front cloth and legs are nearly finished, lots of glitter and stars to add!

Assisted by Victoria wells and Tashi Gregorska.

Lake cloth painting

Painting the lake cloth.

Ply wood moon

Moon Cloth painting

Painting the moon cloth, each cloth is 4.5m x 5m.

Assisted by: Victoria Wells, Chloe Dunscombe.

Panto cloth designs

To create the designs I used a combination of hand drawing on a light box, and photoshop to create flat bold shapes. The scale images have black outlines but the painted cloths won't.

Panto design

Puss in Boots Set and cloths design

The design is influenced by 1950s fabric prints, illustration and adverts, particularly travel posters. 
I have used block colours with sharp edges and no black outlines.

Monday, 6 October 2014

Panto set and props sketches

Here are some sketches for a few bits from the Panto design for this year's 'Puss in Boots'

Roseville costume design

I have been commissioned to create a wedding dress costume made from carpet for a piece called Roseville, set on Roseville road in Leeds.

Research images

Initial design ideas

Puppet swans for 'Stick Man'

I made these two hand puppet swans for Jagrops, for the show 'Stick Man' designed by Katie Sykes.

They are constructed from plastizote, fleece, plastic, lycra, felt, cotton and buttons for eyes.

The Great Fete

The Great fete!

For this event I designed the dressing of the tents and made props, backdrops and signage for the site, and sourced all materials and props. 

The Peepshow opens!

The Peepshow opened in September, these pictures are from Tony performing the Raree Man in Saltaire.

Finished puppets

Thursday, 7 August 2014


This week I am finishing off the props for the peepshow, including painting the barrel organ and making the costumes for the puppets.

The Great Fete

I am currently working on the design for an Event in Exeter in August called:

'The Great Fete'

Which is based around a world war one recruitment fair.

Here is the first visual graphics for signage, posters and an identity card.

Pleasance Edinburgh

I've just got back from a week in Edinburgh working with Paul Garner, painting some of his lovely illustrations for the Pleasance.

Here is a link to Pauls website:

Peepshow cart is nearly finished!

The Raree Man Peepshow cart is almost finished, I've painted all the text on the cart and finished all the signage, even the Royal peep is ready!

It's now in Dawlish ready for the rehearsals.

39 Days for Rosa costumes are finished and making their way around Europe!

Here are some pics of the finished chicken costumes for '39 Days for Rosa'

Made for Jag props by me and Jill, with help from Debbie, Emma and Maddy.

Here is a few videos of Rosa in action: 

Thursday, 26 June 2014

Production photos from The World Cup Final 1966

Here's a few production shots of the floor fro The World Cup Final 1966 at 
The Bristol Old Vic.

Saturday, 21 June 2014

Chicken costume prototype

I'm currently woking with Jagprops on two chicken costumes for a project called '39 Days of Rosa'

The brief is to create two costumes that will pack down easily for travelling through 21 countries, they also need to be light weight and as cool as possible in hot weather.

Monday, 16 June 2014

'The Raree Man' Peepshow props

I'm currently working my way through the vast list of props for the Peepshow. 
I adapted a new foot pump with some laser cut wood, varnish, paint and spraying.
The bell is also adapted form a recent antiques fair find.

Beetlegeuse signage and decor

 I've recently been working with the 'Food and Theatre Company' on a 'Beetlegeuse' themed event. 
I designed and made the decor for the main hall, and made a few other bits and pieces for the show.

The 'Raree man' Puppets

I am making two marionettes for a puppet scene in the 'Raree man' peepshow.

I had an existing head that I thought would be great for the puppets so used that to create a mould for two new heads.
Tony Lidington, plays both the devil and the Raree man, as well as all the other characters in the show. The puppets also reflect this, by being the same puppet but dressed differently as the two characters. 

I cast the original head using silicone rubber, then made a plaster outer to hold the mould securely. I cast the heads in fast cast, and painted with a range of materials, including a crackle finish to age them.

Next I will tackle the bodies, which will be a lot less work!

Tony happens to look very similar to the original Pelham puppet!