Thursday, 30 July 2009


Here are the original illustrations for the cards.

Card illustration..

Here is a set of greetings cards, stickers and writing paper I have illustrated for some friends, featuring them and their dogs, in different locations around Saltdean (where they live).

Giraffe's can't dance scenic painting

During the last week at Blunderbus I worked on Gerald the giraffe, re painting him to match the illustration from the book.

Monday, 13 July 2009

Blunderbus week Six..

This week I have been continuing with scenic painting. I have been working on the dragon for Dragon's daughter, and the ribs and a magic mirror for Pinocchio.

Monday, 6 July 2009

Insect Play set continued...

I have 6 bags of chipped bark of varying shades and colours that will be added to the floor once it has been dried out in the sun. This will blend the set into its surrounding environment and also add another sensory element to the performance.

The Insect Play set and Thoresby

On Saturday Set One delivered the set to Thoresby, here we are arranging all the set pieces.

Wednesday, 1 July 2009

Insect play "the Pile" continued..

Today I continued with the pile, I added open weave hessian, bunting, string, fabric scraps, pearl beads, and other props.

I also intend to add some of these fabrics into the costumes for the beetle characters.

Blunder bus week four continued..

Today I started painting the style, i decided to use 3 main base colours, all shades of brown, then spray into the base with high and low lights, I then painted more detail into the wood. I then added the flowers and grasses, more sprayed layers and glazes.

The style has two sides to it, it is the boundary between the village and the dragon world, n 'Dragon's daughter. One side is bright and inviting, the other is decayed and dead. As the puppet enters the dragon's world over the style it is revolved to reveal the blackened back.

Blunder bus week four continued..

Today I finished the tortoise and the Anteater, and sprayed more into the donkeys.