Monday, 6 October 2014

Panto set and props sketches

Here are some sketches for a few bits from the Panto design for this year's 'Puss in Boots'

Roseville costume design

I have been commissioned to create a wedding dress costume made from carpet for a piece called Roseville, set on Roseville road in Leeds.

Research images

Initial design ideas

Puppet swans for 'Stick Man'

I made these two hand puppet swans for Jagrops, for the show 'Stick Man' designed by Katie Sykes.

They are constructed from plastizote, fleece, plastic, lycra, felt, cotton and buttons for eyes.

The Great Fete

The Great fete!

For this event I designed the dressing of the tents and made props, backdrops and signage for the site, and sourced all materials and props. 

The Peepshow opens!

The Peepshow opened in September, these pictures are from Tony performing the Raree Man in Saltaire.

Finished puppets