Monday, 2 November 2009

Alfie the Aye Aye...initial idea

After recently watching 'Last chance to see" I discovered the.. 'Aye aye".
One of the most interesting animals I have ever seen. They are particularly interesting to me as they are considered (unfairly) one of natures ugliest creatures.

They have a really long spindly finger that they use to tap on tree branches whilst listening with their enormous ears for grubs and beetles. Once detected they use their long finger to claw into the holes and pull out their tasty prize.

Ancient Malagasy legend said that the Aye-aye was a symbol of death.

I starting thinking about an Aye aye character and thought it would be a really great story for a childrens book. Today i started sketching my Aye named Alfie, and these are the first images i came up with.

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