Monday, 8 March 2010

Looking for the Rainbow..

I am designing the set and costume for a show called Looking for the Rainbow, with the 'Big Window Theatre Company'.

Here are some initial sketches I have drawn, this image shows Mum revealing the Rainbow to Kirsty at the end of the play! It is rolled up in her laundry bag and she pegs it on the washing line, as she lets go it unrolls to the floor and a rainbow appears!

Here are some characters we meet along the way, the purple rabbit and blue fish drying on the rack! and the duck, he is a character in the story, his yellow t-shirt is collected to represent yellow in the rainbow, along with six other coloured t-shirts, one for each colour of the rainbow.
Here is the scale model I made for the research and development week, this helped the actors to understand the space they are working in and helped the creative and production team to work through ideas and how the space can be used. The design is still evolving and I will re make the model soon more accurately and with the changes and ideas that we developed during the R and D week.
The images show three of the set changes, the river, the cave and the rainbow finale!

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