Wednesday, 5 March 2014

Raree man Peepshow project with Promenade Productions

I am currently working with Tony Lidington on a Raree man Peepshow project. 
I will be designing the peepshow box, cart & internal designs

A bit about the show from Tony:

The Raree Man

The peepshow was one of the most popular forms of street entertainment in the 18th and 19th centuries - not only depicting scenes for amusement, but often as a medium to educate, showcase exotic locations and inform a captive audience about key events past and present. We believe this is the perfect medium to engage with the contemporary passing public– a show that is at once interruptive and intimate, familiar and unexpected…an immersive experience in miniature!

The Raree Show will be a live performance of a fully mobile, self-contained peepshow for the Twenty-First Century. The peepshow will display a series of re-imagined automated tales using pre-cinematic techniques on a contemporary theme. In keeping with Promenade Promotions’ mission to develop historical popular entertainment forms and present them in contemporary contexts.

The show will be performed out of doors and the audience invited to interact with the peepshow by the Raree Man (showman Tony Lidington) who will narrate and dramatise the peepshow’s scenes

Tony Lidington

Some research images:

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