Wednesday, 21 May 2014

The Tiger and the Moustache floor cloth

I've just finished this floor cloth for 'The Tiger and the Moustache' By Saikat Ahamed.

To create the detailed design I laser cut stencil out of polypropylene to help with marking up the pattern.

Design by Emma Cairns, based on an indian carpet.

A bit about the show:

Born on the very first day of a new nation, Hashi grew up surrounded by
 tigers in the Sunderban jungles and ended up keeping chickens in the bath in a Glasgow housing estate. In this brand new solo show, Saikat Ahamed traces the journey of his mother from Bangladesh to the UK alongside the painful birth of his motherland through bloodshed, trains, planes and a million bicycles.

The show is both semi-autobiographical and historical, flitting between moments in Saikat’s own life and the events between 1947 and 1971. These historical snapshots look specifically at the creation of Pakistan (East and West), the tensions therein, leading to protests and bloodshed at then eventually the formation of Bangladesh. At the heart of the story is the relationship between Saikat’s mother and her uncle, Cocon Mama, the fisherman. Underpinning the narrative is also an ancient folk tale of Gopal Bhar who caught the tiger in his moustache.

More information on the show can be found here:

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